119 | Go DJ ft. Rizzzy

True to Size Tuesday is BACK in full force, and we asked our in-house DJ, Mr. Rizzzy to join in on the fun. Today we talk savage sneaker shops, a new Jordan Brand signing, and popular pairs that we're just not really down with. Then we get into a game of 21 Guestions with our guest (hint: he doesn't fair well), and we learn his sneaker history during our Solography segment. Finally, because we've got a disc jockey present, we finish up with a conversation about music and sneakers. Why are DJ's always sneakerheads, has the artist overtaken the athlete in the sneaker world, and which entertainers we'd like to see get a sneaker deal. 

Once again we shoot a special shout out to an essential worker, and would love for our listeners to submit their shout-outs as well! As always, stay home, stay safe, and WASH. YOUR. HANDS.

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