We're back with our second episode of the week - and this one is a banger! We are excited to welcome our first international guest, all the way from London, England - Ash Bash Sneakers. We fly through our regular segments where we talk Sotheby's, Stock X, and UFC fighting so we can get into the goodies with Ash. We run him through a round of 21 Guestions before playing a special Canadian edition of 'Can You Name 5?'. Then, we get to know his sneakerhead history with his Solography, before getting the rundown on what it's like being a sneakerhead in Europe. Do Jordan's really sit over there? Do they actually get a ton of pairs when hype releases roll around? Turn up the volume and find out!

Once again we close out the episode with a shout out for a Front-Line worker who's out there saving the world during these unprecedented times. 

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